DEUS X Class NFPA Rescue Harnesses for Firefighter Bailout and Rescue

A whole new class of rescue harness technology.

The DEUS X Class sets the bar for what a fire rescue harness should be. Every X Class harness has been engineered to provide the ultimate solution for firefighters, as well as other emergency response personnel. The result is a series of escape and rescue harnesses that provide superior versatility, unprecedented mobility for the firefighter, and the rugged durability that fire rescue use demands.

X Class Harness w callouts

eXtreme Versatility

Start with a simple X Class rescue waistbelt (NFPA Class I), easy to don, easy to wear, inside or outside of firefighter turnout gear. Deploy the hide-away leg-loops in seconds for an NFPA Class II seat harness. Add the available Chest Harness Add-on for an NFPA Class III full body harness, with a full six rated attachment points including 5000 lbf rigid metal D-rings and 3300 lbf large textile rings.

NFPA Class I



X-100 Class I Harness X-200 Class II Harness media X-350 Class III Harness

The belt expands easily from 27" to 56", eliminating the need to purchase and stock different sizes. And the DEUS X-Class Rescue Harness is fully compatible with virtually any firefighter escape system, including DEUS kits for bailout and rescue.

eXtreme Safety

Harness-inset-stitch-pattern-mediaThe DEUS X Class Harness is engineered to distribute force to the user's legs, rather than the waist, back or shoulders, minimizing shock load and providing maximum support and comfort in high-intensity situations. Additionally, the safety-optimized stitching design supports load-bearing from any direction to reduce thread stress, enhance safety and maximize usable life.

No matter the situation, rigging, or need, firefighters can count on the X Class to provide maximum safety for themselves and victims.

eXtreme Practicality

Harness-inset-buckle-open-mediaWhile the X Class Harness is super lightweight and easy to throw on at a moment's notice, it can also be worn safely and comfortably under or over turnout gear. It features the industry leading Cobra quick-release buckles with integrated D-rings, from AustriAlpin, for ease of use in addition to unmatched safety. And connection points for rigging are organized in front for easy access and ultimate flexibility.

DEUS X Class Models:

DEUS currently offers five X Class harness models:

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