The Ultimate Tools for Every Rescue

Rescue EquipmentDEUS sets the standard for innovative rescue solutions. That's because we understand the requirements of rescue in different situations, environments and conditions. DEUS descent systems, combined with the right tools, give you the best means for conducting a rescue in almost every imaginable scenario.

That's because our solutions consider every aspect of the job, ensuring positive outcomes time after time: faster, safer, and more reliable.

Using DEUS Controlled Descent Devices for Rescue

Rigging for "rescue" converts a DEUS 3000 Series device into your complete rescue solution. In "rescue" rigging, the descent device is attached to the anchorage with a connector, giving the stationary rescuer control of the descent rather than the person being rescued. Descent is controlled entirely by turning the control knob, from complete stop and infinitely variable to the maximum descent speed of the system.

Together with the DEUS 7000 Series, DEUS controlled descent devices are the ultimate solutions for every type of assisted rescue. DEUS 7000 Series devices accommodate rescue in repetitive and continuous use situations, such as mass evacuation from heights.

Other Products to Support Your Rescue Efforts

To implement an effective rescue at height, DEUS controlled descent devices set the standard for ease-of-use and reliability. You can also look to DEUS for other quality gear to support a multitude of at-height rescue scenarios, including:

DEUS Harnesses

Rigging Gear

DEUS Pro-Techâ„¢ Rescue Stretcher

Rescue Aids

Self-Rescue After a Fall

The problem with fall protection equipment is that it only stops the fall, leaving you susceptible to suspension trauma and further injury. Getting down is another matter.

With the aid of other gear (such as DEUS RTU Kits) and advanced training, a DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent device can help in this situation, or whenever load must be transferred prior to descent. DEUS devices make it easy and quick to transfer the load from fall-protection gear, then transition to controlled descent for self-rescueOverhead stretcher rescue rigging

Assisted Rescue

With the addition of a pulley or two extra carabiners, and additional training, DEUS systems can be used to safely rescue yourself and another person at the same time - hands free, or under manual control. This includes 2-person pick-off rescues.

Rigging the DEUS device in "escape" mode allows the rescuer to descend with the victim, such as for 2-person pick-off rescues. Rig in "rescue" mode to allow a third person to control the descent from above.

Assisted Rescue After a Fall

Combining one of the DEUS RTU Kits with your DEUS controlled descent device lets you perform an assisted rescue after a fall, lifting the fallen worker, transferring to the DEUS device, and lowering to the ground easily, quickly and safely.

Ladder / Platform Rescue

Industrial and commercial construction workers on platforms and ladders spend their time 20 meters or more in the air. While workers in these situations wear fall protection, one slip can leave them hanging on and waiting for help.

Waiting to be rescued means more than just lost time. It can mean the difference between life and death, or avoiding serious injury from suspension trauma. DEUS controlled descent devices can give these workers the opportunity to escape these situations, getting to the ground safely and quickly.

Used in series with a compact set of pulleys for 4:1 mechanical advantage (such as those provided in DEUS RTU Kits), a DEUS controlled descent device can help. The hoist allows the load to be transferred to the DEUS system, and the DEUS device lowers the worker safely to the ground.

Confined Space Rescue

With a DEUS RTU kit, the DEUS controlled descent devices can be rigged in seconds to perform a confined space rescue with 2:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage. This is the quick and simple solution when seconds count and there is no time to wait for a rescue team.


Complete Kits for Rescue

DEUS offers a variety of complete kits with the tools you need for various rescue situations, including:

Contact DEUS Rescue for more information about DEUS solutions for assisted rescue and self rescue.