So Many Practical Uses

For professionals who work at height, DEUS products represent the pinnacle of innovation. That's because DEUS goes beyond the norm to provide unique, practical solutions to problems people face every day, staying safe or getting to safety quickly.


DEUS controlled descent devices provide the basis of complete solutions for a wide array of needs in multiple industries.

Solving Problems in the Real World

At DEUS, we work hard every day to find new and imaginative approaches to rescue and safety. We leave no stone unturned, evaluating and improving upon every aspect of vertical rescue and safety: carrying and deploying, rigging, anchoring, transition, descent and more. In this way DEUS Rescue continues to take descent to new heights.

The result is a continually growing and evolving product line that offers more ways to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective rescue and personal safety, as well as training, in a number of industries. This includes:

DEUS offers an array of complete kits and individual products, coupled with expert training and technical support.

If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask. DEUS is constantly developing new products and other tools. Plus we will work with you to solve your particular problems, whatever they may be.