Tactical Rescue Gear from DEUS Rescue

tactical rescue gearGetting the right tactical rescue gear can be the difference between life and death. Whether you are evacuating a burning building, dealing with a terrorist emergency response, or bailing out of an indefensible position, our hands-free, automatic controlled descent is the most versatile and reliable solution available. Our gear is so easy to use that civilians can be quickly instructed in its use when necessary.

Innovative Tactical Products to Improve Your Rescue

DEUS 3200 Controlled Descent Device - a unique apparatus for single-person, hands-free, controlled tactical descent. Featuring four redundant brakes for extra safety and to guard against free fall. Connect it to an anchor to evacuate or rescue others, or connect it to your own harness for personal escape or hands-free tactical descent.

Tactical Rescue and Descent Kits

Our complete kits give you confidence that there are no weak links or improper rigging.

  • DEUS TX32 Tactical Response Kit - offers a complete solution for hands-free, controlled descent with the DEUS 3200, an anchoring system that is quick and easy to set, reversible, so three or four people can descend from a 4th floor window, one at a time, in under a minute.
  • DEUS GA01 Quik-Set Dual Anchor Kit - Tactical - includes two complete, pre-rigged DEUS Quik-Set engineered anchor systems that set in seconds. Each is one-hand adjustable and requires no knot tying or edge protection. A small zippered kit bag is available separately.
  • DEUS BR73 Back-Up Belay Kit for Training and Rescue - operates automatically, controls speed to guard against free-fall, and is reversible without re-rigging, making it ideal for civilian mass rescue in a number of situations or as a safety belay during rappelling training.

DEUS X Class Harnesses

The DEUS X Class Harness is engineered to distribute force to the user's legs. Lightweight, easy to throw on, it can be worn under or over turnout gear. Choose your model:

Ropes for Tactical Rappelling

Our polymer, braided ropes are available in a variety of styles to meet all kinds of needs from fire-resistant to quality, affordable ropes for training.

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