New-Rope-Group-2015DEUS ropes are designed and constructed for reliable performance under a variety of specific, often extreme conditions. A range of different polymer fibers and braiding techniques are used to make DEUS ropes with properties tailored for different needs - fire-resistant ropes for firefighters, small-diameter ropes for wind turbine technicians to lighten their climbing load, ultra long-lasting ropes for zip-lines and challenge courses to decrease operating cost, and more.

DEUS ropes are constructed with particular characteristics to ensure they meet the needs for the work they're designed to do, and for the people using them, including:

  • Precision controlled diameter
  • High tensile strength and working load
  • Stretch appropriate to function
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Minimal weight
  • A carefully controlled coefficient-of-friction
  • Managed compressibility
  • Balance between sheath and core.

DEUS Rescue works with best-in-class rope manufacturers, ensuring superior materials, construction and design for every rope we offer. And we continue to develop new special-purpose ropes to meet the particular needs of firefighters, wind and utility tower technicians, industrial workers, police and military personnel.

Better Engineering Means Better Ropes

The quality of a rope is easy to recognize in use - the right resistance to insult from heat, fire, chemicals and more, combined with the flexibility and light weight characteristics that make them practical.

Getting there is a little more complicated. DEUS works hand-in-hand with the worlds very best rope producers, ensuring that every aspect of every DEUS rope meets the right requirements for its use.

The Right Rope Polymers

Different rope polymers result in ropes with different properties. At DEUS Rescue, we select and combine polymers to engineer specific desirable rope properties.

In terms of heat- and fire-resistance, we use both thermoplastic polymers (which degrade gradually and become unstable as they approach their melting temperature) and thermoset polymers (which have generally higher degradation temperatures, and which maintain their stability up to that temperature).

The Right Rope Properties

In designing DEUS ropes, materials and construction are combined to produce ropes with specific characteristics, or properties, such as strength and resistance to fire, abrasion, and more. This allows DEUS Rescue to offer a range of ropes to work for particular applications and in different markets where needs of the job, and the working environment, can vary.

DEUS ropes are developed with specific properties to work properly in conjunction with DEUS controlled descent devices and other equipment, for maximum safety and reliability, while meeting certification standards (such as NFPA, ANSI, etc.).

DEUS Equipment Requires ONLY DEUS Ropes

All DEUS equipment is rated for use ONLY with DEUS rope. Use of any other rope voids warranty and can lead to loss of control, erratic performance, injury or death.

Do not use, suggest or allow use of anything but DEUS ropes in DEUS equipment. If there are any doubts about which DEUS rope to use in which equipment, contact a DEUS representative and confirm which rope to use. 

Different Ropes for Different Jobs

DEUS offers a range of rope options to complement different DEUS products, and for different applications.

DEUS Small Diameter Ropes

DEUS Small Diameter Ropes include all ropes 8 mm or less in diameter. They are designed for use in in conjunction with DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent devices and in DEUS RTU Kits.

DEUS Large Diameter Ropes

DEUS Large Diameter ropes include all ropes larger than 8 mm in diameter, including primarily 12 mm ropes. They are designed for use in DEUS 7000 Series controlled descent devices and in DEUS Quik-Set Anchors.

  • DEUS NNS-12 100% Nylon Rope. A 12 mm nylon rope designed for use as an affordable training rope with DEUS 7000 Series controlled descent devices.
  • DEUS KKS-12 100% Kevlar Rope. This 12 mm 100% Kevlar rope provides the ultimate in heavy-duty fire-resistance, designed for evacuation rescue with DEUS 7000 Series devices.
  • DEUS PNS-11 Poly/Nylon Rope. An 11.5 mm rope featuring Teufelberger's innovative PLATINUM┬« braiding technology, making it ideal for use in challenge course environments.

Accessory Cord

In addition to technical kernmantle ropes for rescue and training, DEUS offers a variety of accessory ropes and cords. DEUS Accessory Cords are high quality, tough and durable rope used to make tie-offs, pull cords, and prusik loops

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