Superior Controlled Descent for Rescue, Work and More

Controlled Descent Devices

The heart and soul of DEUS Rescue technology is a complete offering of innovative controlled descent devices. Every one provides superior controlled descent for a wide range of applications, across multiple professional markets. The innovative design and advanced technology of these systems set a whole new standard for fast, easy and safe escape and rescue.

Two Series for Different Applications

DEUS offers two different series of controlled descent systems for very different applications.

  • The DEUS 3000 Series features rescue systems that are small enough to fit in your pocket, making them "personal" systems you can carry with you.
  • The DEUS 7000 Series includes larger systems providing automatic controlled descent in repetitive or continuous use situations.

All DEUS controlled descent devices feature incredibly simple, hands free operation, built with the safety and reliability you expect from DEUS Rescue.

DEUS Controlled Descent Technology

Innovation is at the core of DEUS controlled descent devices. You see it in every aspect of our systems, inside and out, setting new standards for safety and reliable performance.

Advanced Centrifugal Brakes

DEUS centrifugal brakes are advanced designs, superior in many ways to traditional centrifugal brakes in other descent devices:

  • Rather than using typical point-load brake shoes that can get extremely hot when used over long descents or with repetition, DEUS centrifugal brakes are full-contact - braking load is spread over an area ten times larger, so they don't get as hot and last a long time.
  • Pre-DEUS designs use partially activated brakes that have to spin extremely fast, resulting in a shorter life. DEUS brakes eliminate the hinge and are full-activation designs, where the entire brake is active, and braking is uniform across the entire brake shoe.
  • Competitive systems often use complicated gears that are fragile and tend to break when shock loaded. This can result in catastrophic failure and free-fall. DEUS designs use direct-drive centrifugal brakes that completely eliminate gears so they are more reliable.

Additional Brake Technology

Rather than relying solely on a centrifugal brake, a DEUS controlled descent device uses multiple integrated brake technologies that act synergistically and redundantly to increase safety and flexibility.

  • Both DEUS 3000 Series and DEUS 7000 Series devices add automatic, hands-free figure-8 brakes for redundant safety.
  • The DEUS 3000 Series also adds a disk-actuated drum brake.
  • The DEUS 7000 Series adds a dynamic rope compression brake.

Reducing Shock Load

Shock load is the enemy of any rope evacuation and rescue system. It can break equipment and injure people. The DEUS 7000 Series has exclusive DEUS "Soft Engagement Technology" to internally absorb shock load to avoid equipment damage and personal injury.

Set to Stop or Go

Unlike other systems that must be either set to stop or set to go, DEUS 3000 Series devices can be set to stop or to go.

  • With the device set to go, descent proceeds hands-free top to bottom at controlled speed.
  • With the device set to stop, it can be used hands-free to hold position. Or, turn the control knob to adjust speed, so descent proceeds slowly and completely hands-free, top to bottom.

Machined Parts are Better

The parts in DEUS controlled descent devices are machined, not stamped or cast. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and brass. The result is precision, reliability, toughness and long life.

With so much to offer, such smart designs, and amazing versatility, it is easy to see why DEUS Rescue provides the ultimate choice for every aspect of controlled descent.

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