DEUS Agility Innovative Harnesses

Maximum Comfort, Mobility and Safety

For professionals who work at heights, a harness is often a “necessary evil,” required for safety and to support their work, but uncomfortable and restricting to wear for long periods.

Approaching this challenge from a new perspective, DEUS invented Agility™, core harness technology that aligns with the biomechanics of the human body, providing the foundation of work and rescue harnesses that meet virtually every need for the user.

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Freedom to Move

The heart of Agility™ harness designs is the innovative “Free-Flow” strap construction. Key connection points are designed as channels or loops through which webbing moves freely, rather than as fixed connections. This provides an unparalleled level of comfort and mobility for the user, on the ground or suspended on ropes, while channeling load force to avoid the risk of trauma.

Agility Free Flow

The result is a series of premium harnesses designed to deliver superior safety combined with a level of comfort and mobility previously unheard of.

DEUS Agility™ harnesses are comfortable and “out of mind” when you’re on your feet, whether standing, walking or climbing. They also provide support and comfort while suspended from ropes, and are adaptable to your every position, whether standing, sitting, kneeling or climbing.

DEUS Agility™ A10

DEUS Agility™ A20

DEUS Agility™ A50

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DEUS Agility™ Harness Models:

Choose a DEUS Agility™ harness for work, fall protection, rope access, rescue and more:

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DEUS Agility™ A10 Construction Harness flyer

DEUS Agility™ A20 Tower & Climbing Harness flyer

DEUS Agility™ A50 Technical Rescue Harness flyer